This is a workshop about performing dance music for classical music performers.

The workshop will be presented by Kathy Potter. It will be in 2 parts:

Part 1 (about one hour): Kathy will explain two particular dance forms widely used in classical repertoire: the minuet and the waltz. Kathy will perform the dance music together with her band, Short Dented Potts. The band will demonstrate the dance steps and you will then be invited to dance.

Kathy will then show you how to locate information about other dance forms and opportunities to perform with dance bands. This will be followed by question time about playing dance music. Kathy will present a handout that you can keep as a resource for your future playing.


Part 2 Performers to play their own choice of dance music, for example, waltzes or a piece from a Baroque dance suite. You are invited to perform any dance piece you wish Kathy to enlighten you about. Kathy will then comment on your performance in the context of that particular dance style.


About Kathy Potter

Kathy has been playing the flute for 35 years. From classical beginnings at the Conservatorium of Music, to a lengthy dalliance with folk music, she has enjoyed playing with a large variety of folk dance groups and various musical societies. Currently, she performs dance music as part of the Short Dented Potts dance band.


We invite you to perform any pieces that are or derive from dance music. Or just come along as a spectator.















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The Amateur performers club