Welcome to the amateur performers club

The Amateur Performers Club is a not-for-profit music club based in Kirribilli, Sydney. The aim of the club is to give adult amateur musicians the opportunity to gain confidence in performing, in the friendly company of like-minded musicians. Our club mainly attracts classical musicians, but you are welcome to play pop or jazz pieces, or try out your own compositions.

The club meets on the last Sunday of each month between 3pm and 6pm at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, 16-18 Fitzroy St, Kirribilli, NSW 2061 (see Location page for a map).

Join us and have fun making music!
















Calendar for 2019

Here is our calendar of concerts, which are held on the last Sunday of each month, except for December and January.

24 February

31 March

28 April

26 May

30 June

28 July

25 August

29 September

27 October

24 November


The Amateur performers club
The Amateur performers club